Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Competition succses for VK-Users

Kållandsö Treff 2011
Team Marre/Ajax won Kållandsö treff lake Vänern Sweden. They caught 6 fish total weight 26,420kg VK was one key of succses. Congratulations guys, nice job!
Report from Göran Team Marre

Hi Mika

We competed in Kållandsöträffen last weekend and we won and we were successful in vk-bait holder and voblers conjured in a little higher speed through the seagull dive ....
We are happy for the victory and will use vk products as long as we fish
Fished with a very good friend and fishing companion Mats Forsén of Team Ajax..

Best regards Göran/ Mats

Nordic Champion lake Vänern Sweden

Report from Jonas Björk

Hi Mika

Last weekend 14-16 Oktober, We take part in the Nordic Championship in Lake Vänern
We end up on a podium place second total. The fish we weigh in took on Löja in VK baitholders
We try plastic baits last day in the strong wind, but no fish to weigh in that day...
Best Regards
Jonas and Janne Team OFFSHORE/GARMIN Sweden