Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VK-Victory in Norway

I get report from Team Håven Norway. Congratulations Ove!

"Hey Mika

I'm sending you a little report from this year's trolling competition; Storsjødreggen on Storsjøen, Norway, which I attended 29-30.6. I had a fantastic fishing for trout there with the VK-bait. I won the competition with the largest trout at 7080 grams, a fairly big and beautiful trout! I won the trolling competition overall, with all 16410 grams of fish .. All trout were caught on VK bait, and I think this is a great baitholder that I have fished extremely well with this year. I also won the general-trolling competition at Femund in 2009 with the most kilograms fish with VK baitholder, and I will take part in the some another trollingcompetition and I'll go 100% on VK's amazing baitholders :)

Ove Arnfinn Hammeren