Monday, September 20, 2010

Another VK-Victory Finnish Championship

Last weekend Team Kuksijat 1 (Jarmo and Jari Suvanto) won the Finnish Lake Salmon Fish Championships. They were using VK-baitholders and on the first day they caught two really nice fish. The total weight was 6.719g and they caught both fish on original size VK baitholders. Their trout weighed 4.504 kg and was the biggest fish caught in the competition.

143 boats started this big two day competition in Lake Päijänne. In the three boat team competition we took 5th place again like last year. One of our three boat team member caught a really nice trout. The fishing was however a little difficult. Our own result was a little poor, we caught many pike, lost one trout and unfortunately had many damaged baits due to fish baits.

This win was fantastic, it was the 4th Finnish Championship Victory for VK-Baitholders in three seasons on the market. The older victories were the Inari Finnish Trolling Championship in 2008, the Helsinki Sea Salmon Trolling Finnish championship in 2008 and the Finnish Lake Salmon Fishing Championship in Lake Päijänne in 2009. In 2009 VK users won the European Championship in Helsinki which was a sea salmon competition. Also in these three years VK-users have won a lot of other different victories in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Tight lines

Winners in middle.

Biggest trout in competition.