Sunday, January 1, 2012

Salmon trolling 31.12.2011

I get report from Mats Olsson for their fantastic fishing in lake Vänern.

"Hi Mika

Yesterday was new years eve, and whether report looked great for first time in many weeks.

Me and fishing mate Jonas Bergqvist decided to spend a short day on lake Vänern before celebrating the new year in the evening.

Morning was pretty cold with minus 6 degrees, but when sun came up it became a really nice day.
Fishing was alright to, and before breaking up at around 13.00 we had caught 3 Trout up to 5 kg and one Salmon of 9,88kg. We also missed two fishes.

All fishes where of course caught using baitfish in VK baitholder. The salmon took a baitholder Swedish flag chrome with 20gr lead in surface.
As I see now the salmon of 9,88 kg was pretty close to the winner fish of the competition, but that is life.
It was a fantastic fish caught in a beautiful day on lake Vänern. Great finish of fishing year 2011.

Here are two pictures of the nice salmon from yesterday.

Also sending you pictures of 3 biggest fish, except from yesterdays caught, from our Vänern fishing this nov and dec. All caught using your great baitholders!!!
Salmon of 8,4 kg and 8,9kg caught when fishing friend Henrik Björklund visited me in my boat.
Trout of 7,72kg as I managed to caught using VK baitholder watermelon.

Best regards:
Mats Olsson"

Congratulations Mats + Co.
Tight lines for Year 2012
Mika/Team VK