Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Salmon Fishing in Pacific Ocean

Richard Enderle from California USA, sent VK-trolling facebook page report & pictures of their fantastic succses in Pacific. Congratulations and Tight lines for season 2012

Here is Richard report:

"Ever since I introduced the VK2 Flasher to our fishing Club "Coastside" in California we have been slaying the Pacific King Salmon of Bodega Bay and San Francisco last year 2011. We boated at least 50 kings on my boat last year with the VK2 many of them 30lbers. Other members of our club started buying the VK2 and started to beg the local tackle shops to start stocking it.They flew off the shelfs as fast as they could stock them. It would produce more and Bigger Salmon than other rigs especally on a scratch bite or when fishing deep. I even had a 20 pound Pacific Halibut swim 30 ft off the bottom to nail my VK2 with a salmon bait. We caught King Salmon to 40 pounds in my club ..and even old timers are buying them. Thanks for such a wonderfull product!

As the new Salmon Season in California starts in April 2012

our Coastside Members are already asking me about the VK2 Flashers..
how to use them...what to get them.
Since I was the one to first use the VK2 in our club some members have even given it the nick name of the "DickE" flasher!
which is my Club name.
As an avid user, fan and of VK products which are relatively UNKNOWN here in California.
I would be happy to pass on any info on VK products to our members and others here on the Pacific West Coast help promote this fine product

Coastside Fishing Club
California USA

PS here is a picture of a 35 pound King Salmon Taken off Bodega Bay Last July
It was caught on my boat was caught using a Large UV Green Special VK2 with an anchovy...125 ft down